Jan 12, 2022

Here at SCI Management, we’re dedicated to providing a wide range of electrical services, from LED light installations to data networks, CCTV to automated systems. Our electrical installations are certified to meet top industry standards and, after many years of experience, we’ve built up an excellent reputation nationwide for high-quality work.

Working closely with our clients, we understand that when it comes to investing in a new electrical project, there’s a lot to think about. From overall cost to ROI, energy prices to carbon footprints, your business needs the very best to not only meet industry standards but also remain in budget and improve employee wellbeing.

So how can SCI help?

With increasing electricity prices and rising pressure on being environmentally friendly, many feel overwhelmed at the prospect of installing new electrical solutions for their business. With this in mind, we provide new solutions to reduce costs and overall carbon footprint, such as LED lighting. With a multitude of benefits, LED light installations offer an efficient alternative to traditional lighting. Plus, with SCI, you can get funded installation meaning any costs involved with the installation will be totally refunded by a government-funded loan.

How much money would an LED light installation save?

To give you an idea of cost savings, take a look at this case study. Before working with us, the school was consuming about 356567.76 KWhs. After installing LED lighting, we reduced their consumption to 133924.85 KWhs, saving around £26,500 per year. This should give them a return on investment in three years, meaning the installation effectively paid for itself.

As LED lighting is much more reliable than traditional lighting methods, less time and money is spent on maintenance. LEDs have an average product life of 50,000 hours, and cooler bulbs mean they’re safer and less prone to breaking.

Are LED installations more environmentally friendly?

In short, yes; LED lighting typically uses less energy than traditional lighting, with only around 5% wasted as heat, as opposed to incandescent bulbs, which waste an incredible 90% of energy in heat.

How will an LED light installation improve employee wellbeing?

Considering the wellbeing of your employees should be up there on your list of priorities when considering a new lighting installation. Many surveys have shown that incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting can make working environments less enjoyable places to be. Headaches, tiredness and stress have all been linked with poor light quality and, with productivity suffering, can negatively impact your business.

LED lighting burns at a much higher rate, giving a much better quality that’s not dissimilar to daylight. Better working environments result in an improved quality of work and concentration, meaning an LED light installation could not only save money but increase employee wellbeing.

At SCI Management, all of our LED lighting is sourced from a quality, well-known brand, meaning none of our installations will be from cheap imports. Plus, our installations are covered with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Discover how an LED light installation with SCI could brighten your day and give us a call on 08008 498586 or email [email protected].