Electric vehicle charge point installation

Over the past decade, the advancement in Electric Vehicle technology has been remarkable. There are now plenty of options to choose from, from the small city runarounds to larger 4x4s, and with the average mileage expectation now over 200 miles per full charge, they have become a much more viable option for consumers. With this increase in demand comes an increase in charge points required. We can install multiple charge points at your business, whether it’s commercial or industrial that will bring a number of benefits.

Join the revolution 

Currently, there are over 25,000 car charging points across the UK, including many ‘fast charging points’ that are optimised to charge your vehicle up to a level of 80% in under half an hour.

Alongside this, installing a car charging point at your business or commercial property can lead to an increase in footfall and trade, boost your benefits offering to staff, help to improve your business/fleet vehicle emissions, and reduce your overall fleet costing.

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