Presenting can be a difficult and daunting task for most people so an interactive white board with sound system can help alleviate the pressure. It can help keep your audience engaged throughout by the use of moving imagery, videos and sound effects making teaching and presenting more effective. Lessons or presentations come to life with sound and images.

Fully interactive solutions

We are proud to have provided many fully interactive solutions to some of the UK’s leading academic establishments and private businesses. All installations are finished to a high level, and where ever possible, all unsightly cables are hidden, also providing a trip-free environment.

Typically, an interactive whiteboard has a large interactive display that connects to a computer with the computer also connected to the projector. This projector then projects the relevant image onto the board’s surface, and the user can control the computer from the whiteboard using a pen, finger, or other such devices. In most cases, the board is mounted on a wall or a floor stand, whilst the projector is mounted from the ceiling or nearby wall.

Whatever your environment, SCI Management can provide the system you require, from a permanent ceiling-mounted solution to a more versatile system that can be used in different rooms/environments.

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