Jan 12, 2022

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of ensuring your workforce’s safety is paramount. A great, measurable solution to the problem as you open your doors once again to a large amount of staff and visitors is to install heat-tracker and body temperature detectors.

We have access to the top of the range Uniview Heat-Tracker and Body Temperature series which provides thermal solutions for next-generation security. Versatile solutions provide extra protection for establishments to minimise the spread of viruses, with fever screening. With most viruses, the human body has a fever to help fight off infection. This elevated body temperature is an early sign that the person is unwell. By monitoring each person that enters a premises, this could help to detect and avoid the spread of viruses among colleagues and customers.

With a range of products available from a standard face recognition and wrist fever terminal to a more advanced full security gate with temperature and metal detection, we can provide and install the latest technology to keep your business and employees safe.

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