Jan 12, 2022

As the UK moves through its different phases of returning to ‘normality;’ how ready is your commercial business to reopen and start accepting customers?

Whether you are a Highstreet retail store, independent restaurant or a large business hoping to reintroduce your staff to the office, we can provide you with the key commercial electrical support you need.

For many of you, your offices, stores or commercial properties will not have been used for the past couple of months leaving your electrical equipment either switched off or ticking over. In the process of returning to your property we would recommend booking an electrical inspection, to give your property and equipment the ‘once over,’ ensuring your installations are safe and ready for the job ahead. Here at SCI Management, we have extensive experience in providing commercial electrical inspections and are prepared to offer a free, non-obligation quote to repair or upgrade any faults we may find along the way.

It’s also important to understand that as we return to ‘business as normal,’ your electrical systems may be subjected to increased levels of use as demand suddenly spike. We can ensure any upgrades to your data cabling systems are made quickly and efficiently, preparing you for the busy months ahead.

Security is also of huge importance to your business and many of your commercial properties have lay dormant over past months. SCI Management can install a state-of-the-art security system that allows all key-holders to access the security system remotely. This allows you to arm or disarm, view CCTV and receive notifications from your alarm system from the comfort and safety of your home.

We also have access to install the latest body temperature recognition devices. As part of the Uniview Fever Screening Series, these devices integrate UNV face recognition with non-contact body temperature detection. Units are able to display temperature readings in real time and measure temperatures between 30 – 45 degrees; alerting users of any abnormal readings. These units offer the perfect protection for establishments looking to minimise the spread of viruses.

As experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors we can provide the following services:


Electrical Inspections

Electrical Maintenance

Lighting Design

Data Cabling


Audio/Visual Solutions

LED Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Alarm Systems

If you’re looking for experienced, knowledgeable and no-nonsense commercial electrical support to ensure your business can not only survive, but thrive, get in touch with us today via phone or email: 0800 849 8586 | [email protected]

All staff wear sufficient PPE when carrying out any work, as well as follow strict social-distancing rules and hand sanitation procedures. We are also recording staff temperatures at the beginning and end of each shift.