Jan 12, 2022

Throughout the pandemic schools up and down the country have been offering the best experience for their students as they have participated in their education from their own homes. With hope, as of September, our children will be able to return to their learning environments able to pick up where they left off. In light of this, there has never been a better time to improve the facilities at your school. Below we’ll briefly run through a list of improvements that could be made in your school in time for the return of your pupils.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting has been proven to increase the productivity of staff and students alike, creating a more enjoyable learning environment. But not only could it increase performance in the classroom, but could also lead to a reduced carbon footprint.

A School that we have worked with consumed, for their pre-existing lights, approximately 356567.76 KWhs. However, once we completed the project it was reduced to 133924.85 KWhs. This is a cost saving of £26,508.00 per annum. This figure should give them a R.O.I within roughly 3 years, leaving the installation to pay for itself and save them money right from the start.

CCTV & Security

The security of your students and staff is paramount and we have the perfect solutions. We can install bespoke CCTV solutions all around your premises so you can remain vigilant during and after school hours. We also have experience in installing remote door entre systems as well as remote alarm systems that can be managed from your phone whilst in any geographic location across the world.

To find out more about our security systems, view our case study here (School Security System)

Audio Visual

The learning environment for your students should be second to none to ensure they have every chance of success. Our audio-visual solutions can help to keep students engaged throughout presentations as they support moving images, video, sound and interactive software that help to bring learning to life.

Typically, an interactive whiteboard has a large interactive display that connects to a computer with the computer also connected to the projector. This projector then projects the relevant image onto the onto the board’s surface, and the user can control the computer from the whiteboard using a pen, finger or other such devices. In most cases the board is mounted on a wall or a floor stand, whilst the projector is mounted from the ceiling or nearby wall.

Fever Screening Solutions

Worried about returning to school following COVID-19? We can supply and install you with the latest in fever screening technology. With the Uniview Heat-Tracker and Body Temperature series, you’ll be able to screen your students and staff as they enter the school with the ability to detect any high temperatures.

The device options available to you are non-contact preventing cross-infection; either using face recognition and quick temperature detection which works in crowds which then warns of those with high body temperature (which is usually the critical sign of viral infection), or temperature detectable by wrist which has a greater range of motion suitable for young and old. All readings are shared on a digital display and stored for future reference.

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