Jan 12, 2022

With Christmas approaching many of us may be asking for, if we don’t already have them, a Google Home or Alexa to make our home lives easier. But what if we were to tell you these kinds of gadgets were only the tip of the iceberg when it comes Home Automation? Let us explain.

Here at SCI Management we are approved and registered Loxone partners. Loxone are the leading manufacturers of smart home technology and have systems that can control your lighting, blinds, room climate, energy efficiency, security and multi-room audio!

Thankfully, Loxone isn’t about confusing control panels or tricky buttons. It actually uses one of the most forward-thinking servers with a high IQ to manage tasks for you, saving you and your family roughly 50,000 manual tasks a year, giving you back much valued time to spend with your family.

Loxone is an intuitive smart home system which acts according to the seasons, the weather, presence in the home and most importantly, your lifestyle. Whether it’s turning the heating on when you wake in the morning or closing the blinds in the front room to shade your from the glaring sun, the Loxone smart home system does it all.

There’s also a multi-room audio option available where you can really take your home lifestyle to the next level. Not only can you play music in each room; even different music in different rooms if you wish, it will also recognise when you leave a room, turning it off and saving energy when you leave. This system can also connect with your doorbell, sounding an alert and/or light in whichever rooms you choose, as well as signal audible reminders for things like closing windows before you leave your home.

The Loxone system is also a comprehensive alarm and intruder system. If it detects any movement in your home whilst you’re away or throughout the night and the alarm is set, it will sound an alert in all rooms at maximum volume to signal to you and startle intruders. What could be better than having Guns N Roses playing super loud to scare off any burglars?

Need to give someone one-time access to your home? Or have a cleaner attend the same time each week? You can supply them with one-off access codes that terminate after a single use, or that will only work within a specific time slot. Unexpected delivery? Don’t worry, you can view and speak to the delivery driver through the mobile intercom and then control the access quickly and easily from your phone! Open the garage door from anywhere in the world and never miss a package again.

This, is true home automation. If you’re looking to convert your home into a smart home then get in touch. We are approved and registered with Loxone and are NICEIC approved so you can be sure that we will enter your home and complete the work with the highest professional standard, ensuring it is the safest place it can be. To find out more, call us on 0800 849 8586 or email us at [email protected]