Sensory Direct – EV Charger

Full House Rewires and EV Charger Installations

While our primary focus lies within commercial projects, we also extend our services to domestic work. Our offerings in this sector include comprehensive house rewires and electric vehicle (EV) charger installations, both of which are essential components of modern living.

Overcoming Obstacles for a Streamlined EV Installation in Tewksbury

We recently completed an installation for a client at his residence near Tewksbury. The project presented unique challenges, offering us the opportunity to showcase our adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Initial Challenges: Limited Capacity and Inaccessible Location

During our initial property survey, we identified that the existing consumer unit lacked the necessary spare capacity for the proposed car charger installation. Additionally, its location was not conducive to the installation of additional cabling.

Innovative Solution: Customised EV Charger Installation

To overcome these obstacles, we installed an additional small IP65 consumer unit near the mains incomer of the building. This strategic placement allowed for the new EV charger to be powered efficiently.

All the work completed was duly registered with the National Grid as a Domestic EV installation and notified to the local authorities in accordance with standard regulations12.

Our case study serves as an example of how we navigate through complex challenges to deliver optimal solutions for our clients. Whether it’s a full house rewire or an EV charger installation, we ensure a seamless process, adhering to the highest safety standards and regulatory compliance.