Enhanced Security System Put In Place For Local School

Through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic we worked safely and responsibly to provide the best electrical services possible. This time, we were called out to Bishop Challenor with 2 unique challenges.

Challenge 1 – The school had decided to move their reception location meaning the outdoor gate providing access to the school was no longer visible.

Solution – In order to provide the school staff with a reliable view of the front gate, we supplied and fitted the Vimar ELVOX door entry system. A unique system that uses antennas to wirelessly connect to the receiver in the reception office, staff now had a clear view of the gate and anyone trying to access the school. As the system is linked to the schools data network the receiver can be placed in any room in the school and still work effortlessly. Also, this system can be accessed via a mobile app in which users can get a direct feed to their phones the images provided by the camera and grant access to those who need it.

Product: VIMAR Security System

Challenge 2 – Staff also moved into the building opposite the main hub of the school and required a security system to be put in place that could link the 2 buildings together.

Solution – We installed a system that again linked to the schools network, and through directional antennas could be accessed around the school. We installed the Pyronix Security System which allows users to access the system remotely via mobile app. Through the app you can view CCTV, arm and disarm the alarm system and notify the police if required; offering maximum security with true flexibility.

Product: Pyronix Euro 46 V10