St. Peters Garden Centre – Award Winning Garden, Restaurant, Food Hall & Butchery | CCTV Security System Installation

The Client

Award Winning Garden Centre, Restaurant, Food Hall & Butchery.

St Peters Garden Centre is a family run garden centre offering the very best in quality plants, indoor and outdoor goods, gardening equipment and a very high quality range of garden furniture and BBQ’s. They pride themselves on their high standards of customer service and have an excellent team of qualified staff providing gardening and horticultural advice. The Garden Centre is situated in the heart of Worcester, just off Junction 7 of the M5.

The Challenge:

Mr. William Blake St Peters Managing director contacted SCI Management to provide a quote to install a site wide CCTV system, that would work with their existing IT infrastructure.

Due to the growing concerns of theft in and around the facility, he requested if it would be possible to install facial recognition cameras on the entrance and exit locations, to help managed both the identification of none culprits, and assist in identifying any new ones.

Also, due to the number of incidents that had gone undetected, he also wanted to have the ability to check all vehicles that enter both the main shopping/customer carpark and goods inwards. The intention is to keep a record for reference, as it may be necessary to associate both the individual person and the vehicle they arrived in if any incidences ever do occur.

SCI Managements approach to the above request:

Stage one:

To ensure that SCI could install a system that would be robust, and suitable for the requirements, we completed a site wide survey. One to ascertain if the IT infrastructure would be suitable, and also to provide a cost to install additional network cabling and power to accommodate the suggested areas that required surveillance.

As a result, we produced a site map of the entire facility, and each of the potential camera locations. This allowed us to select suitable cameras, that would capture each area according to their individual requirements.

Also, after completing our investigations, we identified areas that either didn’t have sufficient infrastructure to allow the proposed CCTV system to work effectively, or needed upgrading to ensure the system would work correctly.

This meant that we needed to install a new 265m fibre optic cable and appropriate communications cabinets at a central location of the site, and appropriate power supplies and wireless transmitters for the more remote areas that also require CCTV coverage.

Stage Two:

Once we’d completed the design, and the quote had been accepted, SCI then commenced delivering the project.

Our first port of call was installing the appropriate infrastructure within the main shopping area. This also meant that he existing cameras would remain working until the new ones could be made live, and eventually supersede them. Also, whilst we were completing the installation, the site would remain fully open, and still allow customers peruse all areas throughout the site and make the appropriate purchases without any additional hazards.

During the installation, there were several alterations to the agreed locations. As St Peters is a garden centre, they will need to alter their display areas to suit the time of year. This being a seasonal requirement, cameras would need to be located in areas that would reduce the need for being relocated time and time again.

Stage Three:

As soon as the appropriate infrastructure was ready, SCI engineers installed the relevant cameras to each area. This also meant adopting the cameras onto the new 16Tb NVR (Network Video Recorder) and positioning them so to capture the appropriate area as requested by the site staff. This also meant commissioning each camera and ensuring that they capture what they were designed to do.

Stage Four:

Additional to the original installation, SCI were also requested to supply and install a new 30” monitor at the information desk, and 2 x 55” screens around the site. This would allow site staff to monitor live activities as and when they feel necessary, but also allow senior staff to play back and retain CCTV coverage, plus capture both none and new criminal activities that can be used as police evidence as and when required.


We approached SCI Management after a recommendation from Paul Valentine of Spire Tech Group, to quote for supplying and installing a site wide CCTV solution.

I found both Keith and his team were very proactive from the design right through to the final installation and eventual system handover.

As this project was of a considerable size, we felt we needed the support from a local company who not only had the appropriate knowledge regarding our CCTV requirements, but also had the ability to install the relevant infrastructure to allow it to work effectively.

SCI Management not only delivered the project in a timely manner, but also were able to accommodate the changes and relevant challenges that are associated with working in a large busy garden centre such as ours.

I’d be more than happy to recommend SCI Managements services and look forward to working with them on any future projects.

Mr. William Blake
Managing Director