SCI Helps Brinton Carpets Install 4 New 32 Colour Looms.

Brinton’s promise is to ensure all their carpets are made to consistent quality standard, and to meet customer demands on time with the best quality carpet in the market today. With technology advancing, they have decided to challenge the historic methods of weaving carpets and giving the customer a quality product in a rapid time frame to meet market demands, with the ability to produce complicated designs in the same time as a traditional plain carpet.

As a result of the innovative weaving methods, they have developed a true 32 colour weaving machine that allows them to produce carpets to a photograph finish. Being first to market was important for them, so they commissioned SCI to install the new machines main power supplies and design a lighting system to allow the operators to be able to work comfortably with different coloured pile, even when they are of a similar colour. To achieve this they needed a lighting system that would allow them to achieve a minimum of 750 Lux.

The additional complication was that the location of the new looms and creels. The ceiling height was over 6m away from the working area and they needed the lighting to be fixed and easily accessible. As a result we designed a frame that would sit over the creels, hold the light fittings securely and be in the correct position to achieve a minimum of 750 Lux at the correct height. However after completing the installation we actually achieved 1020 Lux which far exceeded their expectations.

The images opposite show the creels before and after we had completed our installation, plus the cable tray we installed to hold the supply, communication and emergency lighting cables which travelled the full width of the factory. Since completing the installation we have been commissioned to help in the continuous improvements throughout facility and have become one of Brinton Carpets main contractors for both electrical and computer networking installations. As a result we have recently converted an unused office into the new customer support office, with 48 telephone and computer network points, and relocated the residential call centre.