Jan 12, 2022

Some people have been put off by the expense of installing LED lighting in their premises, as they generally cost more to install than other lighting solutions. There is also the difficult memory of energy saving lighting giving off a poor light and taking a long time to ‘warm up’.

LED Lights are around 80% more efficient than traditional light bulbs. As they use 10% of the energy to make the same (if not brighter) light, the electric cost is also 10%. If you translate this to every light in your premises, it will reduce the lighting costs by 90%!

We have a strong example of this – a 1100 pupil school in the West Midlands were experiencing extremely high electricity bills, causing a pressure on their finances. By contracting SCI Management to replace the lighting throughout the school from standard tube lights to LED, they are now saving more than £26,000 per year on their electricity bill.