SCI Management Were Commissioned To Install 48 New Floor Boxes And 278 Cat 6 Data Outlets Within A Purposed Built Fully Finished Building.

Catesby Property Group plc specialise in the promotion of land and commercial development. They had a purpose built office block (Now “The Time Business Centre”) constructed in Doncaster, just off the M18. This had been fully carpeted and decorated but had no data outlets or sufficient power in any of the rooms. However they wanted to use it as a fully furnished and completely automated office block to allow multiple businesses to be able to simply walk in and set up business within less than 24 hours!

As a result of their objective, they wanted to have the entire building fit for purpose i.e. all system administration to be fully automated, allowing their clients to simply plug in and start working without the need for onsite system administration. As a result they contracted First Solutions in Worcester who offer fully flexible managed IT support, professional IT project delivery and expert IT advice throughout the UK to provide a turn key solution.

First Solutions contacted SCI to assist with getting the building ready for both their hardware and automated software solutions.

After a site visit we realised that the entire building had been fully carpeted, access to all rooms was sealed, and the building was in an immaculate condition. This meant that not only did we have to cut out all the floor boxes for each room, but also had to ensure everything went back in place as if we hadn’t been there. Also to add to the complications, there wasn’t a riser between the floors to link the two com’s rooms together and no power in the ground floor comms room.

However this is exactly the type of challenge SCI enjoy, we have a wealth of knowledge in completing medium to large installations, and turning empty rooms into, functional, reliable offices, comms rooms, classrooms etc.

We started the project on the 2nd of October, with core drilling through the floor slab to allow access to the upper floors and installing a suitable riser, we also installed 2 x 42U (800 x 1000) linked communications cabinets for both data and active equipment and a suitable power supply within the ground floor comms room. We then carefully lifted the existing floor tiles, cutting them out to allow floor boxes to be installed and then replacing them and the surrounding carpet as if they had been their all along, whilst installing 278 Cat 6 data outlets throughout the building.

The project went like clock work, which allowed us to complete and fully commission the entire installation 3 days ahead of schedule. This allowed First solutions staff, not only to complete their installation early, but also allowing Catesby’s clients to enter their new fully furnished offices much earlier than they had originally anticipated.

Since completing the ground floor installation, we have also completed the 1st floor, with a total number of data outlets now reaching 578 which was housed in the second 42U comm’s cab we had installed previously.

If you have a building that you would like to convert into pretty much anything! Then please feel free to contact SCI Management for friendly advice and a reasonably priced quotation.