Jan 12, 2022

n short, yes. LED Lighting is significantly more efficient than standard tube lights which we see in most buildings.

LEDs have a longer lifespan

On average, LED lights last about 20 times longer than traditional lighting solutions. This means you won’t need to replace them nearly as often, so they’ll make a huge saving on buying replacement bulbs.

Why is this better for the environment? Less demand for physical lightbulbs means less production.

There’s less energy wastage

Fluorescent lights transfer around 95% of the energy used into heat, and just 5% into light. LED lights transfer 95% into light and only waste 5% in heat. This translates to a lot less energy needed to produce the same amount of light. They are also significantly colder running, making them a far safer alternative.

Why is this better for the environment? The less energy required, the better for the environment.

They are non-toxic

Traditional lightbulbs contain certain chemicals, including often halogen and mercury. These chemicals are harmful to the environment, and if one breaks in the premises, harmful to you too directly. When the finished bulbs are discarded, they can impact the environment at the landfill site.

Why is this better for the environment? LED lights contain no hazardous material.

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