Energy Management Consultants

Business electricity bill savings with Smart Power Analysis

Looking to make business electricity bill savings? With the newly inflated costs for fuel, wouldn’t you like to know what is costing you the most on your bill. SCI Management can offer a solution, not only to assess which circuits are costing the most amount of money, but also provide a solution to help you reduce that cost.

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Business Energy Management Consultants

For a one-off fee we will install a monitoring device into your distribution board, and analyse how much electricity is being utilised for each circuit per week.

Once we’ve established which circuit is using the most amount of electricity, well attempt to design and install a more efficient solution, and help you to reduce your electricity bills, allowing you to save money forever.

Option 1
  • One-off assessment of your electricity usage and results for one week £250.00 per distribution board for circuits less than 50a
  • For circuits greater than 50a £350.00 per week per distribution board
Option 2
  • Ongoing assessment of your electricity consumption throughout the year with a monthly report starting from £35.00 per month per distribution board.

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