Process Automation

Our automation solutions are designed to provide industrial facilities of all sizes with control over operations, to significantly improve performance and achieve a lower cost of ownership. Process automation can help increase your business productivity and simplify functions throughout your company.

Water Processing Plant

We were contracted to automate the process for a large-scale water processing plant. Our solution gave them peace of mind, with a robust fail-over solution.

Their production process relies on having over 100,000 litres of water pumped hourly through the entire facility.

We removed all of their old equipment, allowing one single control panel to control everything, and upgraded their electrical supply bringing it up to today’s standards.

Sterilox installation

Steritrox is a leading manufacturer of automated Whole Room Decontamination technology in the Food and Medical Sectors and is devoted to meeting the tough demands of Food Hygiene and Infection Control in these sectors.

In January 2013 SCI Management was commissioned to convert an industrial unit into an automated test facility, to allow Steritrox to complete various industry trials and evaluate new technology. The installation requirements were quite unique as they included multiple sub-systems and a data acquisition set-up that recorded ozone concentration and relative humidity across multiple locations in real time.

Not only did we provide suitable single and three-phase supplies for their equipment, but also installed various communication cables, at several different voltage ratings to facilitate both control of our equipment and to give accurate readings via sensors installed throughout the facility. All cabling was contained neatly to a high professional standard which was important as they had to give live demonstrations to our clients.

Due to the unique and potentially dangerous processes involved, each part of the processe had to be managed via a purpose built control panel as dispersion of the Ozone gas was critical and the removal of the gas was equally as important. This entire project was completed within 3 weeks allowing the system to be commissioned and fully functional by February.

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